In House Process

We work with partners who make sure we’re at the forefront of the latest product design and technology – making your experience with us that much better. We do everything in-house, so you always get a unique product made just for you.

Incoming Material
Quality Check
Sealing & Cutting

Quality Promise

With us, Quality is assured, not just controlled.

Jewel Consumer Care is ethical and GMP compliant and adheres to Customer and Regulatory guidelines all across the world. We ensure the highest quality of the product by adopting a working and efficient quality plan across materials, in-process and finished goods, state of the art equipment and traceability and analysis reports.

Manufacturing Capability

Producing Excellence

Our state of the art facility manufactures 300 Million Toothbrushes & 5 million Household Products annually. It has an in-house capability of more than 250 Molds, designed and developed, for national and global customers. This ensures seamless quality of production and delivery from raw material to finished goods.

We continuously strive for efficiency and have developed and integrated ‘Asset light model’ and ‘Just in Time’ principles across all core functions. This has enabled us to significantly reduce the development times to 6-7 months from 1-2 years.

Embracing Innovation

At Jewel Consumer Care, an Innovative mindset is the foundation stone and driving force across all aspects, from product innovation to working culture, capabilities, skills and time. We believe that innovation will only be as good as the team behind it and hence we have created an innovation ecosystem comprising industry experts in materials, oral care and consumer analytics.

This paradigm shift has resulted in reduced development timelines, cost reduction strategies and new products tailored to the evolving world.

Giving Back


Sustainable today, Safe tomorrow.

At Jewel Consumer Care, we are actively working to-wards reducing our Environmental impact, A sustainable outlook and an innovative mindset has resulted in the development of a range of products made from sustainable materials like Bamboo, Rice husk and Post Consumer Plastic, We have also adopted practices like Rainwater Har-vesting, Composting, and sewage treatment to more mindful about the resources we consume

We create awesome digital products.We create awesome digital products.We create awesome digital products.